Welcome To Project Sanctuary.

Project Sanctuary is a process whereby we take the natural powers of human imagination to create worlds or habitats.

We then step inside those worlds, activate our 6 senses to create an autogenic presence there and have adventures and experiences there which teach us many things.

While we have these adventures which we call games, we learn by immersion about how to communicate with our energy mind.

We learn the language of metaphor, we become smarter, and we evolve.

Every normal human being has the capacity for fantasy and autogenic reality creation - it's normal and natural, and the wellspring of all creativity . But you can also use Project Sanctuary for every aspect of human endeavour - for sex, for healing, for creativity, for problem solving, for therapy, for personal development, for magic, for spirituality, for fun, for pleasure, for profit and for every day life.

You can learn how to do Project Sanctuary by buying the Project Sanctuary Manual which contains everything you need to get you started.

For a taste of Project Sanctuary, try the 1st Sanctuary mp3 for free. This will let you decide if Project Sanctuary is for you.

Since 1993, Project Sanctuary has astonished ordinary people and experts alike with its wonderful directness, simplicity and the joy it brings when you find out that you are not alone, but you really do have a supermind - the energy mind - and it is ready and willing to help you live a rich and wonderful life.

Start today and learn to play The Game In Space and Time that has no limits, no boundaries, no frontiers and that belongs to you by rights:

Project Sanctuary.

The Story Of Project Sanctuary

For more in depth information on PS theory, please see

Project Sanctuary In A Nutshell.